The reviewing process

1. The initial desk revision of a paper submitted for publication is completed by the editor-in-chief (or executive editor) in cooperation with an issue editor(s).


2. The double blind scientific review is completed by two independent reviewers.


3. Based on the opinions of scientific reviewers, the editor-in-chief (or executive editor) and an issue editor(s) make a decision whether to accept a paper as it is, send it to the author(s) for minor or major revisions or reject it. Moreover, in the decision making process the opinions of a statistical editor and a language editor are taken into account.


4. All papers sent for major revision should be returned to the original scientific reviewers for their decisions.


5. The Editorial Committee once a year reveals a list of collaborating reviewers. It is available on the journal website under the tab "Board of Reviewers". The list of reviewers is also published in every issue.




Download the JCR&L Review Form


WORD.png review form


 PDF.jpg  review form