Plagiarism and ghostwriting policy

In order to meet the highest ethical standards for scientific periodicals, Journal of Corporate Responsibility and Leadership has applied policies to counteract plagiarism and ghostwriting:

  1. Authors are expected to make clear their contributions to the paper and their affiliations. In order to do so authors are required to submit a declaration form. All the co-authors are responsible for any infringements. However, special attention to meet these requirements should be paid by an author submitting a paper for publication.
  2. All cases of ghostwriting and guest authorship are documented by the editorial committee. The authors’ affiliated institutions are informed about the cases of such infringements.
    • Ghost writing is a research ethics infringement when someone made a significant contribution to a paper and their role is not revealed (either as one of the authors or in special acknowledgments).
    • Guest authorship is a research ethics infringement when someone officially declared as a co-author of a paper has not contributed to the paper or their contribution is negligible.
  3. If research presented in a paper was sponsored by any institution it should be made clear in a paper.